Buy Torch Liquid Diamonds Disposable 3.5g

To begin with, are you looking for where to Buy Torch Liquid Diamonds Disposable 3.5g? Then this is torch disposable official website. You won’t find Light’s exceptional mix anyplace.

This totally different mix is a unique advantage; containing an exclusive mix of THC-A + Delta-6 oil. With this exceptional terpene mix these disposables will take your breath away.

Torch Vape

Each Light dispensable is made utilizing the most recent imaginative equipment innovation including a pre-heat capability ability and a USB-C charging port. This item is in consistence with segment 10113 of 2018 Homestead Bill and contains <.3% delta-9 thc.

Torch Disposable Vape

Light Fluid Jewels THC-A + Delta-6 Expendable Strains
Trump card (Indica)
Creature Treats (Sativa)
Chime Ringer (Indica)
Blue Strawberry (Sativa)
Blueberry Lemonade (Sativa)
Grape Gushers (Cross breed)
Kiwi Dragonberry (Indica)
Pina Colada (Sativa)
Pineapple Cake (Indica)
Rainbow Sprinkles (Cross breed)
Extra Item Data
3500mg Per Dispensable
Marvelous Fume Creation
Intense mix of THC-A + Delta-6
Exclusive Terpene Profiles by Light
2018 Homestead Bill Agreeable containing under .3% delta-9 thc
Normally hemp inferred terpenes
Made in the USA with Modern Hemp


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